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WIP: Giant Panda

I began work on a new amigurumi design this week, after finishing Reddy Teddy.  I had always planned to make variations on the standard bear form for a giant panda and a two-toned brown bear with light paws and muzzle.  Now, I love the look of Reddy Teddy, but I wanted the Giant Panda to have a fatter, more egg-shaped body instead of the pear shaped body of my other amigurumi designs.

After mulitple froggings, I came up with this shape for the body, a modification of the basic egg shape:

Panda Body

I might also give the Panda shorter legs and a blunt nose, instead of the long bear muzzle and lanky legs on Reddy.

For this project, I’m using Woolike Chunky by Loops & Threads in White and Black

Woolike Chunky BlackWoolike Chunky White



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