The Attic

This weekend, my wonderful husband decided it was finally time to turn our dusty junk-filled attic into my creative sanctuary!  I wish I’d taken before and after pictures, since the transformation is nothing short of amazing.

An old garage sale find became a quilting table.  Storage cubes will be moving upstairs to hold yarn, and plastic bins house my collection of pre-cuts.  A dresser we found in the basement when we moved in houses my larger pieces of fabric and baby flannels.  An old crib inherited from my mother-in-law will be a new photo prop for finished projects, along with an inherited ratan rocking chair!

I’m looking forward to completing the repair projects I’ve taken in for a heirloom granny square afghan and a crochet lace tablecloth.  Now that I have a large work surface (that isn’t the dining room table, finally!), work should begin shortly.

I never did finish that Halloween quilt I started last year, but maybe it will be done for next Halloween!  With quilts, I always get discouraged at the Binding stage, and this quilt-as-you-go project needs lots of binding to join the blocks!


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