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Scrubby Yarn

Scrubby Yarn makes wonderful dishcloths and bath toys, but it can be tricky to work with!  Here are some Tips & Tricks:

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn

My number one problem when working with scrubby yarn is that I can’t see my crochet stitches!  Here are a tricks I’ve learned to help:

  1. Use a larger hook!  The recommended crochet hook for scrubby yarn is I-9/5.5mm.  If you go up to J-10/6.0 mm, your stitches will be larger and easier to find.
  2. Use solid yarn in light colors instead of multicolor yarn or dark colors.  The stitches will be easier to see!
  3. Work in bright natural light.  This is not a cozy project for the fireside!
  4. Work by touch!  Try to feel the stitches with your fingers – this might be easier than looking for them!
  5. Use Stitch Markers!  I’m all about removeable stitch markers.  Place them in regular intervals in your project to help you find your stitches.  When working in the round, stitch markers are a must!

Finally, and most importantly, accept mistakes.  Scrubby yarn is notoriously tricking but in the end, rather forgiving.  If you can’t even see your own stitches, no one else will be able to see your mistakes!


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