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Good morning, Crocheters!

My name is Madeline Revier and I am the designer behind Vintage Vixen and the blogger at Vintage Vixen Press. I am an avid crocheter and quilter, a freshly minted designer, and crochet instructor at my LYS. This is my call to other serious crochet designers, offering to share my expertise and attention to detail to make their patterns the best they can be!

Why use a technical editor?
It is very important to get a fresh set of eyes to look over your pattern. Sometimes, as the designer, you see what you expect to see when checking your work and can overlook errors.

Why use a Crochet Specialist?
Let’s face it, crocheters, knitters tend to dominate the fiber arts world. This includes the availability of tech editors. Most tech editors are knitters and edit knitting patterns. This may seem obvious, but crochet patterns should be edited by crocheters. I am a crochet specialist, with experience as a designer, crocheter, and beta-tester for others’ crochet patterns.

My Services

I offer tech editing services to crochet designers. I have experience with crocheted accessories, garments, afghans, household items, and toys.

  • I will proofread and edit your entire pattern, from the title to the materials list and instructions.
  • I will go through your pattern with a fine tooth comb, checking your math, clarifying your instructions, and making sure you use consistent abbreviations and terms.
  • I will review your crochet charts for accuracy.
  • I will help you format your pattern for an attractive and professional look.
  • I can work in US or UK crochet terms, and convert between them.

Down to Business:

  • I charge flat fees for editing based on the length and complexity of the pattern and how much work it needs. I have three categories: “Needs polish”, “Needs tweaking”, and “Needs work”.
  • I give free quotes. If you are interested in my services, just email me a copy of your pattern, along with any relevant notes and photographs, and I will send you a quote!
  • I never charge more than I myself would be willing to pay a tech editor to work on my own designs.

Payment Options:

  • For new clients, I require a good faith deposit before beginning work, and then invoice the remainder with a 30-day grace period upon completion of project.
  • For regular clients, I invoice after I complete the project, with a 30-day grace period.
  • I am willing to swap tech editing services with other crochet designers/tech editors, as I do like to have someone else look at my patterns before publishing.

Questions, Comments, Concerns, Things You’d Like To Know? Send me a message or comment on this post!


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