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How to get FREE luxury yarn!

Good Morning, Designers!  Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite little secret about designing:  how to get FREE LUXURY YARN!

Most yarn manufacturers have Yarn Support available for designers.  There are a few hoops to jump through, and you have to be good, but if you make the grade and do the legwork, you can save a ton of money and get to work with luxurious yarns!

How to Request Yarn Support:

  1. Be a Designer.  This might seem obvious, but yarn manufactureres are looking to support designers with some street cred ( aka, published, professional patterns).  Set up a Ravelry account and upload your favorite creations.  You can choose whether to set a price for your patterns or offer them for free.
  2. Have a Great Idea.  Again, obvious.  You have to have a unique design in mind!  The purpose of yarn support is to show off yarns and encourage consumers to purchase the exact yarn you used for the pattern.  This only works if people use your pattern!
  3. Have a Plan.  Sketch your project.  Work up a swatch.  Create a stitch chart.  Estimate how much yarn (in yards or meters) you will need to complete your project.
  4. Do your Research.  Decide which yarn manufacturer you would like to request yarn from, and then so some research on their different yarns.  Select a yarn weight, material, and quality appropriate for your project.  Find two or three yarns from the manufacturer that would work well for your project, and select your favortie colorways.  Note the product name, product number, colorway, and colorway number.
  5. Write a Proposal.  You can’t send in your finished product or photographs of it, and you probably don’t have an exact pattern figured out (if you did, you’d have already created it!)  All the yarn manufacturer has to go on is your proposal.  It needs to be detailed and persuasive.
  6. Show off your existing work.  Include links to your blog, Ravelry or Etsy page, and any place where you share your patterns.  Send a pdf of your best current pattern (preferably one in which you used that manufacturer’s yarn!).  Establish your expertise in the kind of project you want to create with their yarn.  For example, if you want yarn support for a new hat pattern, share your already published hat patterns!


Come back next week for a post on Writing a Proposal for Yarn Support.



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