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Best Wool Blends


Today I’m taking a look at my favorite Wool blends that combine Wool with manmade fibers.

Wool 101:  Some people use the word “wool” to describe all yarns, or all animal fibers.  But true wool only comes from sheep!  Wool is sorted into grades, with the highest grade (longest staple) wool being Merino Wool.  Even people who are allergic to other wool (like me!)  can often use and wear Merino wool.  The other kind of wool I can work with is Superwash Wool.  Superwash wool has been treated with a chemical process to remove a part of the wool called ‘scales’.  That’s the part most people are allergic to!

FYI:  Wool can be both Merino and Superwash.  YAY!

#1 Favorite Wool Blend for Any Project:  Hikoo Simplicity and Hikoo SimpliWorsted

Wool Blend Yarn Hikoo Simpliworsted in Peacock

Manufacturer: Skacel

Weight:  Hikoo Simplicity is DK (3) Weight, and Hikoo SimpliWorsted is Aran/Worsted (4) Weight.  [You can check out the Craft Yarn Council’s Standard Weight System here.]

Yardage:  Simplicty 50g/117yds; SimpliWorsted comes in 100g/140yd skeins

Composition:  55% Merino Superwash, 28% Acrylic, & 17% Nylon.    [Merino Wool is the highest grade of wool out there.  It has very long fibers and is super soft.  The nylon in this yarn gives it a little bounce.  Overall, the yarn feels like butter.]

Projects I’ve Made with this yarn: 

Great for:  Simplicity and Simpliworsted are both great “workhorse” yarns because they are high quality, super strong, super soft, and affordably luxurious.  I use them for everything from amigurumi to afghans!


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