My Favorite Yarns


For Kitchen projects, like washcloths, potholders, etc, I always use 100% Cotton Yarn.  Cotton is also great for baby things.  Cotton is easy to wash & dry, and holds its color better than any other natural fiber over repeated washings!

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream 2oz or 3oz balls

Worsted (4) Weight, 100% Cotton

This is my go-to yarn for quick cotton projects.  It shrinks up quite a bit in the drier, so I use a larger hook (I-9/5.5mm or J-10/6.0mm) and plan for shrinkage.

Advantage:  At $4 per 3oz ball, Sugar ‘n Cream is inexpensive

Disadvantage:  This untreated cotton yarn shrinks in the drier.  Also, like most inexpensive brands, the yarn splits easily into its plies.

Plymouth Yarns Fantasy Naturale

Worsted (4) Weight, 100% Cotton

This is my favorite yarn for high-quality cotton projects.  I used Fantasy Naturale for “Ombre Kitchen Kit”

Advantage:  Mercerized to a lustrous sheen, with tight plies!

Disadvantage:  At $8 per 3.5oz skein, Fantasy Naturale is nearly twice as expensive as Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.  It should be dried flat.

Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima

DK (3) Weight, 100% Pima Cotton; 100g/3.5oz/220yds/200m per skein

Advantage:  Pima Cotton is a cross between the shorter, more absorbant American Cotton and the longer, more luxurious Egyptian Cotton.

Disadvantage:  At $8.50-$12 per 3.5oz skein, Cascade’s Ultra Pima is a moderately expensive yarn.

Blue Skies Organic Worsted Cotton

Worsted (4) Weight. 100% Organic Cotton; 100g/150yds per skein

Advantage:  Heirloom quality.  This yarn is super soft and squishy!  I loved for my Simple Shells Blanket

Disadvantage:  Again, this is a moderately expensive yarn.  I wouldn’t use it for dishcloths that I know I’m going to thorw away in a year or two.

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