Yarn Weight


From the Craft Yarn Council

Lace (0)0-lace

AKA:  Fingering, 10-count, Crochet Thread

Recommended Hook:  B-1/1.5mm or smaller

Recommend Needle:  US 000/1.5mm to US 1/2.25mm

1_superfineSuper Fine (1)

AKA:  Sock, Fingering, Baby

Recommended Hook:  B-1/2.25mm to E-4/3.5mm

Recommend Needle:  US-1/2.25mm to US 3/3.25mm

2-fineFine (2)

AKA:  Sport, Baby

Recommended Hook:  E-4/3.5mm to US 7/4.5mm

Recommend Needle:  US 3/3.25mm to US 5/3.75mm

3-lightLight (3)

AKA:  DK, Double Knitting, Light Worsted

Recommended Hook: US 7/4.5mm to I-9/5.5mm

Recommend Needle:  US 5/3.75mm to US 7/4.5mm

4-mediumMedium (4)

AKA:  Worsted, Afghan, Aran

Recommended Hook: I-9/5.5mm to K-10.5/6.5mm

Recommend Needle:  US 7/4.5mm to US 9/5.5mm

5-bulkyBulky (5)

AKA:  Chunky, Craft, Rug

Recommended Hook:  K-10.5/6.5mm – M-13/9.0mm

Rcommended Needle:  US 9/5.5mm – US 11/8.0mm

6-superbulkySuper Bulky (6)

AKA:  Super Chunky, Roving

Recommended Hook: M-13/9.0mm – Q/15.0mm

Recommended Needle:  US 11/8mm – US 17/12.75mm


AKA:  Arm Knitting

Recommended Hook: Q/15.0mm+

Recommended Needle:  US 17/12.75mm +