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Best Wool Blends

  Today I'm taking a look at my favorite Wool blends that combine Wool with manmade fibers. Wool 101:  Some people use the word "wool" to describe all yarns, or all animal fibers.  But true wool only comes from sheep!  Wool is sorted into grades, with the highest grade (longest staple) wool being Merino Wool. … Continue reading Best Wool Blends

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Best Cotton Yarns

Today's post is the first in a series about my favorite yarns.   I'm going through my scrap bin to revisit some of my favorite projects and write (hopefully) helpful reviews about the yarns used!  Come back soon for the rest of the series! When I get a new yarn I love, I fill out a… Continue reading Best Cotton Yarns

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Life on the Farm – Part 2

Exciting news!  Cascade approved my request for yarn support for the "Life on the Farm" project!  They will be shipping me 15 skeins of the super-soft Cascade 220 Superwash in fourteen awesome colorways! Jet (1913), Charcoal (900), Silver Grey (1946), White (871),  Camel (1961), Dark Ginger (858), Butterscotch (853), Sandalwood (876), Pink Ice (836), Burnt Orange (823), Pumpkin (822), Gold Fusion (263), Frosted Almond (228), Smoke Blue… Continue reading Life on the Farm – Part 2